• Comparing Load Capacity; Uniconsole vs. Official Tesla Console

    This week I had the chance to borrow a friend’s Model S whom had the official Tesla centre console installed at the service centre. (Which is a negative IMHO by the way since Uniconsole can easily be installed and removed by the user without any tools necessary. See the installation video here.)

    Whilst driving the car I decided to compare my Uniconsole’s size to the official Tesla one, as that was the first critic we had when we launched. Our promotion photos for our products which were shot in a dark interior Model S may make it seem like it is a narrow console but on the contrary, capacity and loading opening is quite large. Here are the photos for comparison;

    Interior Load Capacity Lenght: 40cm vs. 48cm

    Width of Loading: 11cm vs. 14cm

    Loading Bay Lenght: 25cm vs. 21cm

    EVRest Uniconsole’s loading capacity is only marginally smaller than of Tesla’s, still having great capacity for your everyday clutter. After all a centre console is as good as it can hold everyday clutter as well as tidying it up well. If tidying up and looking good isn’t that important you might as well use without a console.

    Anyway, I wanted to share these comparison pictures to make it fairgame for potential buyers. Preorders are still on. Place your order now on a Uniconsole!


  • Early Uniconsole Deliveries!

    EVRest is a collaborative effort that sprung to life within the Turkish Tesla community. EV devotees who imported their vehicles with absolutely no support, who have to go through customs and take their car thousands of kms for something as simple as a “door handle malfunction”, stuck together even more than a regular community would in ‘tough EV times’, the 2010s…

    Turkish Tesla community plea to Elon Musk for service centres on a cold winter’s day on the mountains.

    Greater friendship led to more fun and meetups within Turkey. In time some members developed their own accessories as their abilities allowed them. A few months and several iterations later, Uniconsole was born. First the fit and finish was perfected, then modularity for the cupholder and adjustable settings were added just before perfecting the colour to fit all trims. Finally the end product that became known as the Uniconsole had to be shared with the international communities.

    You can find above a few of the early adapter EVRest users’ pictures from their own cars. You can now preorder to become part of our community’s story as well and get free shipping to all EU & UK.

  • Hello EV World!

    We are very happy to be launching our long time in the making project EVRest with our initial products; Uniconsole and Sliderack.

    EVRest is dedicated to becoming an e-commerce platform for EV accessories globally. We have been developing and putting on final touches for our EVRest made products Uniconsole and Sliderack. You can begin preordering today with special free shipping to EU and UK. First batch orders will start shipping out to owners after June 20th, 2017 upon completion of payment. You will be contacted after your preorder.

    Thank you for supporting us on the verge of a very exciting launch and we are looking forward for a great future.