Uniconsole Features

Port Friendly

Unlike many other third party accessories, Uniconsole doesn’t obstruct your access to the USB & 12V ports. It’s there to provide you utility while improving great looks. Here at EVRest, we always keep function over form.

100% Premium Wood; Oak

No plastic, no cheap parts, only 100% high quality furniture oak. Each and every Uniconsole is handmade by experienced furniture craftsmen. High quality finish and great design will fool even you to thinking it was there since day one!

One Colour Fits All

Special paint developed using photo spectrometer analysis of the universal Model S footwell lining color was used for Uniconsole. This ensures to keep the OEM look of your car and enables every Model S trim to fit.

Also, Yacht Floor or not doesn’t matter, Uniconsole fits every pre-facelift Model S. (produced between 2012 – May 2016)

Easy Installation

Installing the Uniconsole requires no drilling or adhesive you might worry about later. Simply snap out the side caps, slide the console into place, put the side caps back on. Watch the installation video here.

Modular & Adjustable

Uniconsole is modular and its setup is completely adjustable. Cupholder can be removed or adjusted to your liking, there’s a flip cover on the bottom to reveal even more storage, or conceal just when you need to, without intruding.

DISCOVER; Customization Options

Preorder today for 599€ shipping included!

First batch of orders ship June 20th. Preorder today to get Uniconsole first. No immedate payment is required.

Order your Uniconsole today and get free shipping to UK & Europe. You will be supporting EVrest; dedicated to bring you high quality utilitarian EV accessories by purchasing our flagship product Uniconsole. First batch of orders starts shipping June 20th.

You can find FAQ and reviews at the product page.


Uniconsole Details

What is EVRest?

EVRest is a website where accessories for EV’s are sold. It is found by EV devotees who wants to share with the world the accessories they made for themselves.

How do I install the Uniconsole into my car?

Very simple and completely reversible! Just snap out the side caps of the console, put it in place screen side first and put the side caps back on. It fits perfectly and doesn’t vibrate, move or can’t be removed unwillingly. It will be like it was there since day one. No sticking or drilling required. For more details please watch the installation video at the ‘Installation’ tab.

Will Uniconsole fit my Model S?

If your Model S is pre-facelift, (made before May 2016) it will fit. Yacht floor or not doesn’t matter, nor does RHD vs. LHD. One console fits all!

What other trim/colour options do you have?

Uniconsole is one colour fits all trims. To simplify production and fit the simplistic interior of the Model S while provide premium quality in a reasonable price we currently offer one colour option. High quality automotive furniture grade paint is used and the colour is specifically produced for the Model S interior upon photo spectrometer analysis of the Model S footwell.

How is Uniconsole produced?

Each Uniconsole is handmade by premium furniture experts.

How will the preorder process go?

EVRest is not a big corporation or a company trying to expand into the EV market. We are part of the community and we will be making Uniconsole to order. You can preorder today without payment. First batch of orders will be shipped June 20th upon completion of payment. You don’t have to complete your payment until June 20th, you will be contacted and notified.

Do I have to pay customs?

We have free shipping to EU and UK. We will also send an A.TR document with the goods which will make it a part of the EU free trade zone, meaning you won’t have any customs duties. However it will be subject to your country’s respective VAT.

What is the return policy?

EVRest is a website made by EV enthusiasts who are part of the community. Goodwill and trust is always essential. However we won’t be able to accept any return claims other than production error or a mistake on our part. Always feel free to contact us on, we promise to respond and help in any possible claims.


SlideRack Features


Sliderack’s slightly angular smart design locks it in place preventing any unwanted instabilities or removals. Same design also makes installation easier if not non-existent.

 Premium Oak

Sliderack is handmade of 100% Oak wood.

 Plug and Play

Unlike other equivalents, Sliderack for Model S doesn’t require magnets or rails to be put in place. You simply put it in there and it magically stays there no matter how much you floor it, until you want to get something from it.

Preorder today for only 109€

Free shipping to EU & UK included!

About Us




Emir is a serious 25 year old EV passionate from Istanbul. He is devoted to increasing EV consciousness in his country. Having started his blog from scratch 2,5 years ago, he found the Turkish EV & Tesla community.

He makes sure there are as much EVs as possible on Turkish roads. He’s vlogging, blogging, installing charging stations, helping with possible problems and growing the community. As a true devotee he has many projects on hand, one being EVRest!

Needless to say he’s a Model 3 reservation holder as well.



Product Design

Yusuf is a proud owner of two children, a supportive wife and a Model S P90D.

He is driving his Model S everyday in Bursa – where he offers free charging accommodation no questions asked – without any service or Supercharger support. He is in textile & construction businesses. He’s been wanting to share with the world the accessories he designed and developed for himself. Hence; EVRest!

He looks forward for a day when Tesla officially starts service and Superchargers in Turkey.



shipping incl. to EU & UK

  • Fits all pre-facelift Model S (produced before May 2016)
  • Handmade out of 100% Oak
  • Merging style with the OEM interior
  • Modular design allowing customisable settings
  • 30 second installation
  • Deep storage capacity



shipping incl. to EU & UK

  • Fits all Model S & Model X
  • Ingenious locking design preventing slide offs even under Ludicrous acceleration.
  • Increase and secure the capacity of everyday clutter storage.
  • Made and shared by the EV community itself.
  • Handmade out of 100% Oak

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