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Our Product

Evrest strives to connect tourists to local attractions and restaurants. We do this by utilizing Virtual Reality technology, so tourists can get a feel for what to expect. Other platforms are often based on reviews from other people – but with Virtual Reality, the tourist can decide for themselves! Virtual Reality has the ability to deliver personalized and unique content to really show you what to expect.

Our platform works as a marketing tool for attractions and restaurants. In cooperation with hotels, Evrest redirects relevant traffic to the doorstep of attractions and restaurants for a cost-effective price.


The Evrest platform is delivered to tourists through Virtual Reality headsets installed directly in hotel rooms. 


The tourist can watch content from free attractions, paid attractions and restaurants. The platform highlights all relevant information about the attraction/restaurant.


With our mobile integration, the tourist is directed to the end location with Google Maps. At the location, the tourist can show their app to get a discount! 

About us

Hotels have access to an incredible resource; people. Evrest helps hotels maximize earnings from having guests, without overcharging their guests. Acquiring customers should be earned, not bought. That’s why our marketing platform is so unique. We expand the network of local partnerships for hotels, which in turn provides more earnings for the hotels. The guest, they unlock discounts on a large range of restaurants and attractions. Displaying these options in Virtual Reality, they have a wide range of choices that they can preview in a personalized and unique fashion.

Integrity is the keyword behind Evrest. Honest marketing drives happy customers! 



The Team

Hans Vesthardt

Chief Operating Officer

Hans is a young entrepreneur who started his first business as an 18-year old.

As COO, Hans functions as a driving force for Evrest A/S. Passion and commitment is part of the recipe to get things done. 

Leif Kvalvik

Chief Executive Officer

Leif has a remarkable track record in business with experience ranging from the tourism industry to game development. 

Leif believes that mentality is a key factor to success in start-ups, and therefore serves as a great source of inspiration and motivation.

Peter Villumsen

Chief Creative Officer

As a project manager for a multitude of succesful games in the last 20+ years, Peter’s portfolio highlights his unique creative mindset and skill. 

As the CCO of Evrest A/S, Peter applies his unparalleled skills for strategic and creative execution of important daily tasks.

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